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I create art that can transport you to your inner place of calm and intrigue.  I am drawn to quiet places with broad, expansive horizons, where the sky meets the land or sea and my mind can settle away from all the distractions of everyday life.  My art seeks to capture that abstract memory and feeling of awe and wonder in such places.  


My contemporary, abstract textile art  is made from a limited colour palette of wools, textiles, papers, threads and pigments.  My compositions are minimal and monochrome with intense surface details. The layers of wool that form the grounds of my abstract compositions are the result of an engagement with the meditative process of feltmaking, in which wools, paper, textile, paint and thread are built up as complex combinations of markmaking.




Viewed from a distance, their simplicity is deceptive, but on closer inspection, a highly textured and detailed surface is revealed.  Simple raw materials become transformed into intense, minimal art works in which the repetition of marks and different textures conveys a sense of serenity and an elemental quality.  


The process of making my art is important as it transports me back to that inner feeling evoked by those quiet places as I manifest it in my studio.  I hope that when you look at my art, you too will be go to your inner place of calm. 

I usually make 2D art that hangs on the wall, but sometimes I make 3D pieces!




2022    Masters in Fine Art, West Dean College, University of Sussex 

2020    Diploma in Art and Contemporary Craft, West Dean College

2018    Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, West Dean College 

Professional  Experience     
2023   March; 1 month residency at Icelandic Textile Centre, Blönduós.  
2021    International Feltmakers Association, T
eaching course on felt making with paper.
2019    Co-Teaching crafts on P@O cruise ship ‘Queen Elizabeth’. 3 week assignment 
2005-2022    Attended regular Intern
ational Feltmakers Association regional and national meetings

Exhibitions and Curations    
2022    MFA Summer Show, West Dean and Copeland Gallery, London, ‘Infinite Possibility’.  

                A series of 10 contemporary, minimal 2D works  exploring the personal feeling of possibility  
2021    MFA Summer Show, West Dean and Copeland Gallery, London ‘Still Life’.      

                An interpretation of quietude.
2020    DAAC Show ‘Emergence’.  An installation of 3D spheres
2020    International Feltmakers Association online, juried exhibition ‘Reconnected. 2D wall mounted mosaic
2017    Studio and Curation Assistant for ‘Stone’, Exhibition by Sarah Waters at Knitting and Stitching Show
2015    Hampshire Open Studios, joint exhibition with 4 other artists

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